Welcome to Information Resources, with thousands of information resources listed and categorised under 6 Main Headings:

Business Reference:

  • Bank, Corporate, Industry & Product Codes
  • e Commerce and Trade & Trade Finance Glossaries
  • International Packaging Standards
  • Various international tax related resources. (For UK tax see Business Solutions)

250 Country Profiles:

For 232 ISO Countries and Territories, there are 5 Profiles: General, Economic, Trade, Commercial and UK Support. (For the remaining, small, 18 ISO Countries and Territories we provide a Base Profile.)

International Organisations:

  • International Chambers of Commerce.
  • International Political Organisations.
  • International Lobbies.
  • Multinational Financial & Economic Organisations.
  • Regional Trade Agreements & Organisations.
  • Stock Exchange Associations.

Press & News Centre

Newspapers are (still) important sources of information as well as effective channels to market. Here you can find:

Trade Reference

  • Black Lists & Embargoes.
  • Country, Location & Currency Codes.
  • Customs & Non-Tariff Barriers.
  • Economic & Financial Data.
  • International Standards Bodies.

TTS eGuides:

Here we list the eGuides that we have written on a variety of B2B eCommerce and International Trade topics. They are free to download; you don't even need to register.

Please contact us if you cannot find what you are looking for or have any suggestions for addition.