Welcome to Live Events, for industry conferences, trade shows and bi-lateral missions (virtual & physical).

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Plus, thanks to our partnership with UMi, TradeTech Solutions can work with partners to: develop, promote, manage and host online industry events. The first of these partnerships will be announced later this month. The benefits of this solution can be summarised as follows:

  • Low-cost: - The cost reflect actual costs and are not benchmarked, as many competitive solutions do, against the cost of a physical event.
  • Simple to manage: - For all concerned. Partners do not have to learn new skills. The TTS\UMi solution takes care of all operational aspects.
  • Easy to access: - The platform is a 2D solution - and so does not demand users to have access to high bandwidth connections.
  • Multilingual Interfaces: - Ideal for bilateral trade missions.
  • Fully featured: - Everything needed for a successful trade event.

If you are interested in exploring the benefits of collaborating with TradeTech Solutions, check out Partnering with TTS or just contact us at the helpdesk and we’ll be in touch.