The TradeTech Solutions Ltd team has a wide and deep experience in developing online solutions for the international banking and trading communities. It is a result of this experience that we saw that SMEs were missing out on many of the benefits being brought by technological developments. - The B2C sector is well served - just look at: Alibaba, Amazon and ebay. However, apart from a few niche markets, there are no equivalents for B2B eCommerce.

The reasons behind this lack of B2B equivalents are many (but we won't go into them here). Large companies fully understand and have the resources to manage and exploit the opportunities offered by Industry 4.0 - however, the full benefits are not reaching the majority of SMEs. We felt that the solutions are "out there", it's just that no-one has brought all the elements together to present them in integrated, practical, easy-to-use formats.

Therefore, we decided to embark on our Mission: To make B2B eCommerce Simple for SMEs.

  • Why? To help SMEs: Increase Sales – Reduce Risk – Find Finance – Save Money.
  • How? By aggregating and integrating the best solutions available in the market – i.e. through partnerships.
  • What? The solutions have to provide: (i) reference data & information (ii) online support across the whole range of eCommerce activities and (iii) access to finance and new online opportunities.