TradeTech Expos are not only permanent they also provide support to SMEs with:

  • Guided Business Solutions to Practical Problems.
  • Information Resources.
  • A Platform for Conferences and Trade Events.
  • Support Services.
  • Training & Recruitment Services.

As explained in the section covering our company, TradeTech Solutions, our overall mission is to make B2B eCommerce simple so that SMEs can prosper by embracing - and not fearing or being overwhelmed by - Industry 4.0.

The concept for the TradeTech Expos came from our experience from:

  • Building & Launching, inter alia, the ExportersAlmanac followed by the AEODirectory.
  • Speaking to SMEs and Consultants to understand what they wanted from online resources - and how they wanted these presented.
  • Discussions with Partners as to how we could work together to improve service offerings to SMEs.
  • Discussions with Chambers of Commerce and Trade Associations as to how we could help them extend their services and reach.
  • The Covid pandemic and how this has accelerated the move to using online services.
  • Brexit causing disruption to UK\EU trade and looking at how these disruptions can be mitigated.
  • The realisation that there was no need to make a National Expo temporary - it should be permanent.

The Mission of the Expos is to provide companies, of all sizes, the means to: (i) mitigate the threats brought by constant changes in technology and business conditions and (ii) optimise the growth opportunities offered by these opportunities - including finding new business partners.

What's On Offer?

As well as promoting local businesses through the Exhibition Hall, the Expos provide access to:

  1. Business Solutions: Straightforward steps to: increase sales, find finance, save money, and reduce risk.
  2. Information Resources: All the business information you’ll ever need.
  3. Live Events: For virtual conferences, trade events, and bi-lateral trade missions.
  4. Support Services: Where you find practical, specialist support, from hundreds of companies and organisations.
  5. Training and Recruitment: Bringing together individuals, companies and vocational training.

The Monthly Newsletter is sent out on a regular basis informing you of the latest online developments and service offerings.

Thanks to our Partners & Sponsors, this is all free of charge - although you do have to register to manage your company's profile.

Moreover, if you do buy any services through this site from any of our partners, these will be at a discount to the prices you would be charged if you go directly.


The first Expo to be launched was ExpoScotland - however, thanks to our partnership with Kompass, this has now been followed by Expos for Wales, Northern Ireland, and the whole of the UK (including the Isle of Man and the Channel Islands).

The TradeTech Solutions Ltd team has a wide and deep experience in developing online solutions for the international banking and trading communities. It is a result of this experience that we saw that SMEs were missing out on many of the benefits being brought by technological developments. - The B2C sector is well served - just look at: Alibaba, Amazon and ebay. However, apart from a few niche markets, there are no equivalents for B2B eCommerce.

The reasons behind this lack of B2B equivalents are many (but we won't go into them here). Large companies fully understand and have the resources to manage and exploit the opportunities offered by Industry 4.0 - however, the full benefits are not reaching the majority of SMEs. We felt that the solutions are "out there", it's just that no-one has brought all the elements together to present them in a practical, easy-to-use format.

Therefore, we decided to embark on our Mission: To make B2B eCommerce Simple for SMEs.

  • Why? To help SMEs: Increase Sales – Reduce Risk – Find Finance – Save Money.
  • How? By aggregating and integrating the best solutions available in the market – i.e. through partnerships.
  • What? The solutions have to provide: (i) reference data & information (ii) online support across the whole range of eCommerce activities and (iii) access to finance and new online opportunities.

After a number of attempts at building solutions based on these goals, we have now incorporated these into a combined service offering: The Online Expos.


Ian Dunning – CEO


A former banker with HSBC, for the past 20 years Ian has been involved in the conception, design and development of online reference data portals & delivery systems for the international banking community e.g. SWIFT’s SWIFTRef business unit. In developing these systems he extended the use of payments reference data into systems designed for corporate use; payments and e-invoice validations. He is also a published author of books (in English and Italian) on how to gain commercial benefits from the internet.


Andrew Foulds - COO


Andrew has been in the reference data industry for over 20 years and has held various roles across the globe combining his reference data expertise and commercial experience. Andrew was formerly with SWIFT, and was part of the management team of the reference data business line, SWIFTRef. He was also responsible for partner strategy and was global head of the SWIFTRef Partner programme. He has extensive experience in developing and managing strategic relationships and has managed key projects with a number of payment infrastructures including European Payments Council, Euro Banking Association, Pay UK and Banking and Payments Federation Ireland.


Roel Crooijmans - CTO


Roel is a founder and co-owner of several innovative businesses. His early ventures included the development of international e-invoicing solutions. His recent ventures include CargoLedger (Smart Form and Blockchain solutions in logistics and finance) and Logisa (social supply chain management in Africa). Related to e-invoicing, Roel currently manages SimplerInvoicing (the Dutch PEPPOL authority) and is still involved in European working groups like EESPA and EN dealing with European adoption of electronic procurement.


Flavio Caricasole – Director, Italian Market


Formerly, a senior banker with the UBI Banca Group, responsible for International Trade and Payment Systems. He has a deep knowledge of: Correspondent Banking, Trade Finance & Cash Management. In addition, he has developed: (a) business intelligence tools to analyse interbank messaging traffic and (b) Transaction Banking Lab which matches banks’ demands with the various solutions available in the fintech market.