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If you are involved or would like to be involved in international trade, then you must consider the foreign language issues that you will have to confront.

1. Foreign Language SEO

  • Multilingual Microsites

According to Ethnologue, a database of world languages, as of 2021 less than 8% of the global population speaks English as their mother-tongue. As most people carry out searches all in their own language, without foreign language SEO you are missing out on 92% of your potential. Simply put: "If your site is not available in their language, you will not be found."

The quick and easy solution solution is to have your Multilingual Microsite. This will promote your goods and services to the world in 35 languages. Unlock your International Potential for less than £105 + VAT for the year to cover all 35 languages - just apply the Coupon TTS30DISCOUNT31122024 to have your 30% discount on the list price of £149 - VAT.

See also TTS's:

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2. Content Considerations

Creating foreign language content can be managed using artificial intelligence - but not always. See the following eGuides and papers by our partner PAB Languages:

eGuide - Will Machines replace Translators (5 pages).

The pros and cons of:

  1. Machine Translation
  2. Hybrid Translation
  3. Human Translation
  1. Understanding Cultural Sensitivities
  2. Cultural Relevance in Product Offering
  3. Social Norms and Values
  4. Celebrating Cultural Festivals and Holidays; and
  5. The Role of Influencers and Local Figures.

This continues the discussion of the benefits of navigating language nuances and cultural sensitivities in diverse markets and how they should become a cornerstone of your growth activity.

This covers the importance of embracing linguistic and cultural diversity.

  1. Understanding Cultural Context
  2. Language and Tone
  3. Customised User Experience
  4. Localization of Product Descriptions
  5. Embracing Local Marketing Channels
  6. Conclusion

This paper explains why this is important and the steps you should take to choose your partner:

  1. Check their experience, expertise, and references.
  2. Consider the value of their services.
  3. Check whether they have experience working with your target audience.