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There is a wealth of zero to low-cost opportunities to advertise your products and services online to generate sales leads – both at home and abroad. By early 2019, B2B eCommerce sales reached $12.2 trillion. More than 6x that of the global B2C market. (Although the emphasis here is on the B2B and B2G markets, we have added a section on B2C Social Media. Moreover, Website Optimisation considerations and B2C advertising through Google and YouTube are essentially the same as for B2B markets; although the focus of the messages will be different.)

Foreign Language Considerations

According to Ethnologue, a database of world languages, as of 2021 less than 8% of the global population speaks English as their mother-tongue. As most people carry out searches all in their own language, without foreign language SEO you are missing out on 92% of your potential. Simply put: "If your site is not available in their language, you will not be found."

The quick and easy solution solution is to have your Multilingual Microsite. This will promote your goods and services to the world in 35 languages. Unlock your International Potential for just £49 + VAT for the year to cover all 35 languages - just apply the Coupon TTS100DISCOUNT29092023. (N.B. This coupon expires C.O.B. Friday, 29th September, 2023 - so don't miss out on this great offer.)

TTS's eGuide to Foreign Language SEO Part 1 , Unlocking the Power of Multilingual Websites.pdf and eGuide to Foreign Language SEO Part 2 - Multilingual Microsites.pdf set out further points for consideration.

The Importance of GDPR

Given the temptation of blasting out emails and keeping large databases of personal contacts, an important consideration is to make sure that you comply with relevant recommendations and regulations. In particular, you must conform to The General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679 (GDPR). The ICO has recently published their new data sharing code of practice, which provides clear guidance for organisations and businesses on how to share data lawfully. They have also produced new tools, such as a data sharing checklist and templates, to help you further.

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In order to help you reach new B2B and B2G markets, we provide outline guides to the following services and tools :

Mainly for B2C markets, but also useful for some B2B messaging.

  1. Register your Business Profile on - it's free.
  2. See if your company could benefit from the Department of Business and Trade's Tradeshow Access Programme.
  1. There is a wealth of zero to low-cost opportunities to advertise your products and services online to generate sales leads – both at home and abroad
  1. Describes 10 tools and communication channels that you can use to proactively contact and positively interact with your clients.
  1. Register your Company Profile with Kompass Directory for free in just 5 easy steps.
  2. Upgrade your free Kompass Profile with the Booster & Booster International Solutions.
  3. Advertise with Kompass’ Display Advertising.
  1. Kopiki is a resource for anyone in sales and marketing looking for new qualified opportunities.
  1. Virtual Events offer a low-cost, low-risk channel to promote your products and services into new markets. They can also be used for your own purposes for Product launches, Training and User Conferences.
  1. Improve your site - in terms of: Text Content, Design and Video Presentations .
  2. Improving your Search Engine Marketing (SEM) program will optimise the traffic to your site.
  3. Website Traffic Analysis and Response services to help you make the most of your site's traffic.