The Kompass Directory is the world's best quality company database covering 70 countries and over 53 million companies. Used by corporate marketing & sales departments worldwide to find new partners (with over 7.5 million visitors per month to the global site and 750,000 to the U.K. site), the Kompass Directory offers an unequalled resource to promote your company.

Build your Global Online Company Profile With Kompass.

You can do this in 3 different ways;

  1. Register your company for free on Kompass. (See the video "Why you should add your company to Kompass.)
  2. Upgrade your free company profile via Booster (UK only market) or Booster International (UK and international markets). (See videos: How to attract new business leads to your company profile on Kompass and How to drive more traffic to your company profile on Kompass.
  3. Advertise on Kompass using Kompass Display Advertising.

  1. Free registration on Kompass:

In just 5 easy steps – to gain:

  1. Improved online brand visibility.
  2. Quality info certified by Kompass.
  3. 24/7 data updates.
  4. Kompass detailed classification.
  5. Free web positioning and SEO (Optimised presence on search engines).

These will help to:

  • Promote your business
    Your free company profile page will contain detailed company information which includes contact details as well as your products & services.
  • Broaden your horizons!
    You can personalise your page and translate your content into 26 languages, which will be seen in 70 countries across the Kompass network.
  • Target relevant prospects
    By creating a company profile on Kompass, your company will be visible on the global directory as well as on search engines. As a result, you will broaden the scope of potential and relevant prospects who are looking to do business both locally and overseas.

  1. Upgrade to Booster International Solutions
  • Kompass can help to improve your SEO and increase your customer traffic both locally and worldwide.
  • As a small or medium-sized business owner, you need an effective advertising solution to help you become more visible online, but what can you do to stand out from the crowd?
  • drives B2B marketing leads by helping buyers and suppliers search & connect with each other; attracting more than 7.5 million users every month. A fully optimised Booster company profile gives you premium positioning in relevant search results, so you are seen by decision makers who are looking to purchase.

Key features of Booster International Solutions:

  • An Interactive Company Profile
    Develop your company profile to showcase your business activities. Take advantage of the high-quality presentation of your company to attract B2B buyers: add your products or services, keywords, upload web and social links, company news, videos and catalogues. You can build customer loyalty by updating your page regularly.
  • Discover New Market Opportunities
    Analyse the most frequent queries and adapt your offers to the most sought-after products in your sector. Kompass breaks down the information for you to help you see demand and trends in a clear, actionable way. (Use Kompass Display Advertising solutions to build greater brand awareness and position your business within your global B2B marketplace.)
  • Uniquely Detailed and Flexible
    With access to the uniquely detailed 55k product and service classifications, you will reach the right audience looking for companies like yours. You can focus your market promotion across 70 countries and enjoy the flexibility of targeting new business locally, nationally or globally.
  • Free IP Website Tracking
    Another benefit that comes with a Booster company profile is access to Free IP website tracking offered by Kompass’ partner Spotler.

98% of website visitors will depart without leaving any contact information, making it difficult to recognise hot sales leads. GatorLeads can provide a user friendly and cost effective solution.

  • Check who is new and who is coming back for more.
  • See which IP addresses are matched to which companies.
  • Get a list of your top 10 companies to call or market to.

Key Booster features:

  1. Fully-optimised company profile showcasing your products and services.
  2. Receive active leads through direct contact forms.
  3. Share your news, events and marketing content.
  4. Target visitors by country in 26 languages.
  5. Accurately targeted to your B2B audience both locally and overseas.
  6. 24/7 profile updating and responsive web design.
  7. Generate traffic, improve SEO and Google ranking.
  8. Measured ROI and support from local data experts.


Prices start from just £695 plus VAT for a full 12 months online promotion - and mention that you saw this service here to be given a 10% discount.

  1. Advertise with Kompass Display Advertising:

This option is only available for Booster and Booster International subscribers.

In addition to having a greater company profile within the Kompass Directory, you can build greater brand awareness and position your business within your global B2B marketplace by display advertising on helping you attract new business leads.

  • Eye-catching banner advertising in up to 70 countries.
  • Generate traffic to your website from 7.5 million visitors.
  • Fully optimised and targeted by activity and location.
  • Attract new business leads and website traffic.
  • Flexible options to fit your marketing campaigns.
  • Accurately targeted to your B2B audience.
  • Track results and analyse audience behaviour.

Choose your format and display period

Kompass offers two types of web banner in standard IAB formats:

  • Mega banners (720x90px, 50mb): used for Local Display.
  • Square banners (300x250px, 50mb): used for both Local and International Display

You can also take advantage of flexible display periods for your banners: from 1 week to 1 year!

Measure your return on investment

You can track the results and analyse your audience behaviour through your back office access to the platform. This will help you determine the success of banner advertising on as an effective marketing channel for your business and brand.

Key online advertising features:

  • IAB advertising format.
  • Support & advice on format choice.
  • Flexible location & duration.
  • 2 million unique visitors/week globally.
  • Performance statistics available.


Local display – 12 months @ £350 plus VAT each month (minimum 1 month):

  • Home page square
  • Megabanner
  • Activity Square

International display – 12 months @ £950 plus VAT each month (minimum 1 month):

  • Activity Square

Mention that you saw this service here to be given a 10% discount.